Police Body Cams Show Cops Dragging Black Disabled Man From His Car By His Hair: ‘I’m a Paraplegic, Bro! You Can F**king Hurt Me!’

[Warning: this video contains content and language that some viewers may find offensive.]

A Black paraplegic man is accusing the Dayton, OH police department of profiling, unlawful arrest, and illegal search and seizure after he was dragged from his car during a traffic stop. Body cameras showed officers yanking Clifford Owensby from his car, pulling him by his hair and head onto the ground as he yells for help.

CNN correspondent Polo Sandoval reported on the story for CNN Newsroom with anchors Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell.

The body cam footage shows the officers asking Owensby to get out of the car, and he explains to them that he is unable to do so because he is a paraplegic.

“I’m not getting
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