JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon Questions Whether Bitcoin Supply is Capped: ‘You Guys All Believe That?’

Michel Euler/Getty Images

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said Monday he “challenged” someone to tell him bitcoin’s supply had been mathematically capped at 21 million.

“I’ll just challenge the group to one other thing,” Dimon reportedly said during an address to the Institute of International Finance. “How do you know it ends at 21 million? You all read the algorithms? You guys all believe that? I don’t know, I’ve always been a skeptic of stuff like that.”

Bitcoin was released in 2009 with open-source code showing supply capped at 21 million units. Nearly 18.9 million have been released to date, while production of the final 2 million is scheduled to take until around 2140.

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