‘These Adorable Little Rioters…Filmed Everything,’ Paul Begala Says Jan. 6 Panel Will Have Lots of Evidence Even Without Subpoenas

Former Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA) and Democratic strategist Paul Begala told CNN on Saturday that the January 6th select committee needs to be aggressive in pursuing evidence about Donald Trump‘s role in Jan. 6.

“I did contempt against the Clinton administration when I was chief counsel on the committee and we were aggressive on this,” she told anchor Pamela Brown. “And I think this case against Trump is far stronger than what we did in the ’90s.”

She added that even if those subpoenaed do not cooperate with the committee, lawmakers could still work to obtain their phone records, text records, bank records, and business records.

“Then if they don’t cooperate and you pass these contempt proceedings, which just require a
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