Facebook Exec Nick Clegg Waffles on Whether the Social Network Amplified Jan. 6th Under Intense Grilling From CNN’s Dana Bash: Can’t Say ‘Yes or No’

CNN’s Dana Bash took Facebook’s Vice-President for Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, to task over the recent revelations and accusations involving the social media platform.

Bash interviewed Clegg on Sunday for State of the Union, where the conversation focused on Facebook’s awareness of social media’s negative impact on children, plus the allegations of whistleblower Frances Haugen. The interview comes after Haugen testified before Congress with her claims that the social network constantly puts profits ahead of public safety, and that they facilitated several other detrimental impacts on society.

Clegg responded to Haugen’s claims, and argued that Facebook is trying to improve itself. Bash, in response, brought up the incoming meeting Haugen is going to have with the
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