CNN’s Brian Stelter Sparks Vigorous Debate on Media Twitter By Asking Why There Isn’t a ‘New York Times of the Right’

CNN’s Brian Stelter sparked a number of diverse and contentious opinions when he suggested that a “New York Times of the right” might help with American distrust toward the press.

Stelter floated the idea during a Reliable Sources segment during which he focused on Gallup’s new poll showing American public trust in the media near an all-time low. As Stelter hypothesized on the broader connotations of Gallup’s numbers, he went on a tangent about “repeaters” who seize on news stories in order to attack their political enemies without adding any kind of intellectual value to the original story.

The CNN host argued that Fox News pundits “repeat” stories more often than they report on them, and arrived at the
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