WATCH: Brian Karem Asks Jen Psaki About Biden ‘Coughing and Sniffling’ — Then Asks Biden About it Later

Brian Karem stopped White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on her way out of the briefing room to ask her about President Joe Biden “coughing and sniffling” earlier in the day — then followed up with Biden himself a few hours later.

As Psaki exited the podium Friday, Karem tried to head off “wild speculation” about the president’s health by asking about Biden’s sniffles. Psaki took a few seconds to engage the post-briefing query, as she sometimes does:

KAREM: Jen, we saw him coughing and sniffling earlier. Is his health okay? Before there’s wild speculation — is he all right?

MS. PSAKI: He is doing great.

KAREM: Thank you.

MS. PSAKI: He’s got some allergies.

A few hours later, President
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