Fox News’ The Five Mock New Twitter Warning Messages: ‘It’s Like When Playboy Stopped Showing Boobies’

Fox News’ The Five mocked Twitter’s new trigger warning feature on Friday, with Kennedy comparing it to “when Playboy stopped showing boobies.”

The new features being rolled out by Twitter are designed to keep conversations civil, Mic reported.

Warnings include messages under tweets receiving lots of engagement that say “conversations like this can be intense.” The company will also reportedly send pop-up messages that read “let’s look for each other,” “remember the human,” “facts matter,” and “diverse perspectives have value.”

However, the hosts of The Five were not having any of it and argued that Twitter’s pleas for civility will ruin the site.

“There’s no healthy conversations on Twitter,” remarked Jesse Watters. “It’s a cesspool and everybody knows it’s a cesspool, and that’s why they love it.”

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