‘Whoa!’ CNBC Hosts Offer Stunned Live Reaction to ‘Real Low’ Jobs Report

CNBC’s Squawk Box expressed astonishment on Friday with September’s jobs report, which came less than halfway to meeting projections.

The moment began with Steve Liesman, who looked down at the report and said, “194,” reflecting the 194,000 new jobs reported over the last month. “Whoa!” Becky Quick responded.

“I see 194,000? That is real low,” Liesman said. “Let me go to the jobless rate — wow, begin decline, 4.8 percent, 5.1 was expected. Let me … see if I can find where the jobs were, and I think in this case, where the jobs weren’t.”

The Dow Jones estimate projected 500,000 new jobs would emerge in September, more than 300,000 more than the Friday’s number released by the Labor Department. Private payrolls increased by
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