WATCH: CNN Bends Over Backwards To Cushion The Blow From Devastating Record Low Biden Approval Rating

On CNN’s Newsroom on Thursday, the network took great pains to cushion the blow of President Joe Biden‘s latest record low polling numbers.

Above a chyron that said Biden’s approval rating “dips” to “all-time low,” anchor Ana Cabrera segued to the stunning new Quinnipiac poll numbers from a story about the debt ceiling fight by way of an impressively belabored throat-clearing.

“A debt crisis appears to be averted for now,” Cabrera began, launching into a laundry list of factors affecting Biden’s approval.

“But as we just mentioned the president’s economic agenda still hasn’t passed, there’s ongoing fallout over Afghanistan and the Mexico border crisis and, of course, we’re still in the pandemic, and all of that has sent president Biden’s approval
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