The Daily Show ‘Celebrates’ Fox News 25th Anniversary with Brutal Montage of On-Air Sexual Harassment Moments

If you tuned into Fox News at all on Thursday, October 7, 2021, you would instantly realize that the network has been celebrating its 25th anniversary. Even The Daily Show team wanted to mark the occasion, putting together a brutal montage of the network’s on-air sexual harassment moments throughout the years.

“Happy 25th anniversary, Fox News! Here’s to 25 more (sexual harassment and defamation lawsuits)!” read the caption for the video on YouTube.

The montage begins with a string of clips featuring current Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, in which he requests that his co-hosts “get naked” and tells another that he would “jam some stuff” into her.

Geraldo Rivera later claims that what a woman brings to a marriage — “more than
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