Matthew McConaughey Predicts the Strangely Specific and Gruesome Way He’ll Die

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Matthew McConaughey has predicted the way he’s going to die — and it’s pretty gruesome.

The actor joined Kara Swisher on the Friday edition of New York Times podcast Sway, during which the self-described “statesman-philosopher, folk-singing poet” prophesied how he would die.

After the two discussed McConaughey’s potential run for Governor of Texas, the actor clarifying that he is not a fan of how the state implemented their latest abortion law, Swisher asked one last, rather morbid question:

“You talked about how your father died, and he predicted his death, he called it spot-on,” she said. “Do you ever think how you’re going to die?”

McConaughey responded by predicting that he would be “going down as part of the food
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