Joe Scarborough Goes OFF on Senate GOP for Threatening to Wreck US Economy: ‘What is WRONG With You?!’

Joe Scarborough opened his show with a political rant that evoked the young Scarborough of yesterdecade. At issue are the members of his now-former Republican party and their apparent willingness to completely derail the U.S. economy by failing to raise the debt ceiling.

Scarborough painted a dystopian future where the Chinese would celebrate U.S. Senators like Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell with banners alongside Chairman Mao because of their “nihilist” approach that places partisan politics over responsible governance.

Friday’s Morning Joe opened with a montage of former President Donald Trump, Graham, and Cruz, each lamenting the deal struck by the Republican Senate Minority Leader to extend the debt ceiling to December. The montage ended with Senator Cruz’s tortured “Read more…

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