Jason Whitlock Attacks Obama, Tells Tucker Carlson Former President ‘Rejects the White Side of His Family’

BlazeTV host Jason Whitlock made a baffling comment about former President Barack Obama on Fox News Thursday night.

Whitlock joined Tucker Carlson ta talk about ESPN’s Sage Steele, pulled off the air days after decrying the network’s vaccine mandate. She also reportedly tested positive for covid-19.

Steele has also drawn criticism for these comments she made about Obama:

I don’t know when the last time I filled out my census was, but if they make you choose a race — she’s like, ‘What are you gonna put?’ I go, ‘Well, both.’ She’s like, ‘Well, you can’t.’ She goes, ‘Barack Obama chose Black and he’s biracial.’ I’m like, well, ‘Congratulations to the president, that’s his thing, I think that’s fascinating
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