WATCH: Anderson Cooper Can’t Stop Laughing Throughout Jovial William Shatner Interview

Actor William Shatner joined Anderson Cooper on Wednesday to discuss his upcoming trip to space on Jeff Bezos‘s Blue Origin mission, but the segment quickly derailed with a series of puns, self-deprecating jokes, and adult humor.

“William Shatner, I am delighted that you are getting this experience, and delighted to have you on the program,” Cooper began. “Thanks for being with us.”

“Thank you. Thank you, Anderson Cooper. I love to say your name,” Shatner said, eliciting a chuckle. “Anderson Cooper just rolls off.”

“First of all, you look amazing,” Cooper said. “I look like I’m ravaged by time. You look extraordinary.”

“No, no. I, too, am ravaged by time,” interjected Shatner. “Mine’s mostly internal. Yours comes out in
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