Tucker Carlson Tells Andrew Yang: The Unabomber Is a ‘Bad Person’ But Had ‘A Smart Analysis’ of ‘The Way Systems Work’

Tucker Carlson touted the writings of Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, in an interview with Andrew Yang.

Carlson sat down with Yang, who left the Democratic party and is forming a third party, for his daytime show Tucker Carlson Today. He aired part of the interview on his primetime show Wednesday night.

Yang lamented how political polarization “is getting worse and worse.”

“I am starting a new popular, inclusive movement that’s going to welcome independents, Democrats, and Republicans alike to include real electoral reform and solutions that are going to give rise, hopefully, to a middle ground in American politics and a greater diversity of points of view,” he continued.

He said the political “duopoly” is not working for Americans.

Carlson then brought up
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