Jimmy Kimmel Tears into AT&T for Pumping Tens of Millions of Dollars into OAN: ‘They Make Fox Look Like Alyssa Milano’

Jimmy Kimmel went off on AT&T after a new report revealed that the company has pumped tens of millions in funding into One America News Network.

Kimmel first pointed to the hypocrisy over at Fox News, blaming the network for playing a part in vaccine mistrust despite the fact that 90 percent of its workforce is vaccinated.

According to a new study from Media Matters, Fox News “pushed a claim undermining vaccines during 99 percent of the days” between April 1 and Sept. 30 2021.

“The two days they didn’t undermine it were the days they took off to go get the vaccine,” cracked the host. “They scoff at the vaccine, they’re always making fun of people wearing masks, which
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