Greg Gutfeld Compares Protesters Following Sinema Into Bathroom and Ashli Babbitt

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld drew a comparison between the protesters that confronted Senator Kyrsten Sinema in the bathroom and Ashli Babbitt.

During The Five on Wednesday, Dana Perino brought up tweets from CNN analyst Kirsten Powers downplaying the outrage over the activists who followed Sinema into the bathroom.

Which is worse: your grandparents being deported or being followed into a bathroom (bc you refused to stop and listen) by ppl desperate for your help? This is not a trick question.

— Kirsten Powers (@KirstenPowers) October 4, 2021

I’m flabbergasted by people who think a US Senator has been harmed by constituents trying to get her to understand how her actions affect actual lives. If she didn’t want
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