Corey Lewandowski Reportedly Made Futile Attempt to Get Six-Figure Payment from Trump PAC in Exchange for Resignation

Donald Trump‘s embattled ex-campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, attempted to seek payment in exchange for his resignation from the Make America Great Again PAC amid allegations of sexual harassment.

A new super PAC, called “Make America Great Again, Again!” was formed in the days following the accusations.

Daily Beast exclusive suggests why the new PAC was created: Lewandowski wouldn’t leave the previous PAC quietly (or cheaply).

According to the Daily Beast, whose report is based on three people with knowledge of the matter, Lewandowski initially denied the allegations and then resisted being ousted.

“Lewandowski then subsequently settled on pitching Trumpworld a not-so-modest proposal: in exchange for his resignation, the super PAC and the pro-Trump team would pay him a large sum of money
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