Stephen Colbert Spoils the Wildest Moments from Stephanie Grisham’s Tell-All to Hurt Book Sales

Stephen Colbert does not want anyone to buy Stephanie Grisham new tell-all book, so he spoiled all the best parts on Tuesday night.

The Late Show host tried his best to avoid talking about the Trump administration, but eventually stopped dragging his feet, conceding, “Sometimes the news forces me to talk about our former president, Scrooge McSchmuck.”

Colbert was, of course, referring to former President Donald Trump, as he was about to dive into the new tell-all from former “White House press secretary and Morticia Addams’ divorced sister, Stephanie Grisham.”

“Full disclosure: This show right here is the number one place in late night to push paper. We sell a lot of books for our guests,” Colbert said. “But I don’t want to help her sell
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