Outgoing NIH Head Urges Vaccinations on Fox News: ‘Do We Want to Lose Another Couple 100,000 Lives’?

Dr. Francis Collins sat down with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto after announcing he’s stepping down as director of the National Institutes of Health.

Collins explained he’s ready to leave after serving as head of the NIH after 12 years. He said “it’s time for new leadership” and expressed he’s not at all worried about how it will continue after he leaves.

He did admit Dr. Anthony Fauci tried to talk him out of resigning, “but he totally got it and understood.”

Cavuto asked him if the timing of his resignation is in any way connected to questions of what the NIH knew about the lab in Wuhan.

“No, it didn’t,” Collins responded. “Our funding of that research and the Wuhan Institute
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