MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Goes All In on Fox News’ Vaccine Coverage: ‘One of the Most Destructive Disinformation Campaigns I’ve Ever Seen’

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes lived up to the name of his show All In when he destroyed Fox News Tuesday night for the network’s Covid-19 vaccination coverage.

Hayes called out media mogul Rupert Murdoch, and slammed one of Fox News’ most notable hosts, Tucker Carlson, for dispersing misinformation about Covid-19 and the vaccination effort.

Just prior to going in on Fox, Hayes called out Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) for his comments on Carlson’s program Monday evening, saying that Johnson has “carved out a niche for himself as the most vaccine-resistant U.S. senator.”

“So congrats on that,” Hayes quipped.

Hayes then moved on to, “vaccine public enemy number one Tucker Carlson,” and claimed he does not care whether or not his guests are speaking the truth in
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