Whoopi Goldberg ‘Thrilled’ by Facebook Outage: ‘Kids are Killing Themselves, Pay Attention’

Whoopi Goldberg said she was “thrilled” by the massive Facebook outage, suggesting it might be time to strip the company of its power.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and even Oculus were all down for hours on Monday, marking one of the longest outages in parent company Facebook’s history.

To top things off, the outage occurred just days after Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen accused the company of contributing to the January 6 Capitol riots and told 60 Minutes that executives “prioritize growth over safety.”

The mass outage also happened the day before Haugen testified in front of Congress regarding her claims, during which she accused the company of “generating self-harm and self-hate” to optimize profits.

The reason for the outage remains unclear to
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