WATCH: Alisyn Camerota Grills Facebook Exec Over Instagram Being Toxic for Teen Girls After Whistleblower Testimony

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota repeatedly grilled a Facebook executive on Tuesday after stunning testimony from company whistleblower Frances Haugen.

Monica Bickert, Facebook VP for content policy, joined Camerota after Haugen blasted the company and Mark Zuckerberg in particular for prioritizing profit over safety. She accuses the company of not doing enough to address misinformation and extremism on the platform before January 6th.

One revelation that has gotten a lot of attention is leaked internal research from Facebook showing the company is aware of just how toxic Instagram is for young girls.

Camerota pressed Bickert on January 6 and whether Facebook will be more transparent, but she particularly grilled her over the Instagram revelation.

Bickert said that “there have been a lot of
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