Tucker Carlson Questions If Covid Mitigation Actually ‘Saved a Huge Number of Lives’: ‘If We Had Just Ignored It, Would Many More’ Really Have Died?

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson asked on Monday night if all the measures the U.S. took to limit covid spread actually saved many lives.

Carlson opened his show slamming Dr. Anthony Fauci and mocking the praise he has received, before bringing on Senator Ron Johnson (R- WI) and asking why Fauci is still involved in covid policy.

Johnson proceeded to ask if the policy recommendations of health care officials really worked:

The question you have to ask about Tony Fauci, and quite honestly the other people in our health care agencies, is have their policy prescriptions, have they worked? We have more than 700,000 people dead now. We spent trillions of dollars, the human toll, the economic devastation, we’re at each other’s
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