Jim Cramer Says Biden ‘Switched Narrative’ for Unvaccinated in Business: ‘You’re a Pariah — They Don’t Want You Facing People’

CNBC host Jim Cramer said that the “narrative switched” for unvaccinated people in business once President Joe Biden began pressing for mandates requiring testing or vaccination from employees.

On Squawk On The Street, co-host Carl Quintanilla reported that Southwest Airlines is “joining the list of airlines requiring employees to be vaccinated. Workers have until December 8 to comply, although they will be allowed to apply for religious or medical exemptions.”

“Oh, the one I saw, guys, was JP Morgan banning business travel for unvaccinated employees,” Quintanilla said. “There is a general sense that the mandates, Jim, are working, and we have three major airlines now on board.”

“Yeah, look, I think the narrative switched when the president really
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