Ana Navarro Completely Tears Into Stephanie Grisham: ‘I Know We Like the Gossip She’s Spilling’ But ‘She’s Got No Credibility’

CNN’s Ana Navarro torched Stephanie Grisham’s book tour and said the Trump White House communications director has no credibility.

Navarro joined Ana Cabrera on Tuesday to talk about Grisham’s tell-all and some stunning comments from former Vice President Mike Pence.

On Fox News Monday night, Pence — who was directly threatened by January 6 rioters — said the media focus on that day is just a distraction meant to “demean” Trump supporters. He also said he and Donald Trump ultimately “parted amicably.”

Navarro said it’s “so embarrassing” how “pathetic” Pence is being.

“How can you be such a bootlicker? How can you be so servile to somebody that did not call off a mob that wanted to hang you?!” she asked.

Cabrera then
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