Tony Bennett’s Wife Reveals He ‘Doesn’t Know’ He Has Alzheimer’s Disease

Tony Bennett’s wife Susan Crow has revealed the extent of the legendary singer’s Alzheimer’s disease, sharing that he is unaware of his diagnosis.

Bennett and Crow sat down for an interview with Anderson Cooper just weeks before his 95th birthday, which was aired Sunday on 60 Minutes, during which Crow detailed the state of the singer’s disease.

“Every day is different. Tony late at night, sometimes early in the morning, he’s more alert, if I can use that word,” Crow said. “So, I’ll tell him, ‘Tone, you’re gonna be on 60 Minutes.’ He’s, like, ‘Great.’”

Crow went onto say that his short term memory can be less consistent, explaining that he could be aware of the 60 Minute interview at one time, “But in any other given
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