Matthew Dowd Gets Snippy with Brianna Keilar, Dismisses Deleted Tweets as Fox ‘Conspiracy’: ‘I Answered Three Times’

Tensions briefly flared between CNN’s Brianna Keilar and Matthew Dowd as the former George W. Bush strategist fielded questions about a major Twitter purge he did.

Dowd joined Keilar on Monday for New Day in order to discuss his campaign to be lieutenant governor of Texas. At one point, Keilar noted that Fox News recently reported that Dowd deleted approximately 175,000 tweets of his before announcing his candidacy.

When asked about this, Dowd said it was “funny” because Fox “looks for anything to come up with some conspiracy theory as they do.”

“I decided to go through and delete all my old tweets, whatever it happened to be,” he continued. “There’s no conspiracy thing here. It’s just cleaning up
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