Football Fans Cringe at Video of Married Urban Meyer Getting Grinded On ‘Like A Playboy Fool’ By Another Woman

Urban Meyer is used to seeing his name surface in the news for allegations of flirting with others even though he’s already spoken for.

Usually, it’s for flirting with other football teams while he’s already under contract, but recently, the famed football coach was purportedly caught getting uncomfortably grinded on by a young woman at his Ohio bar, while his wife was home with the grandkids.

Is this why Urban Meyer is trending? 😳

— Dude In Texas (@ChiefSVP) October 3, 2021

Meyer’s foray into the NFL by way of the Jacksonville Jaguars has not been ideal. With his team sitting at 0-4 and continuing to be a laughing stock in the league, Meyer isn’t doing
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