ESPN’s Sage Steele Honored by Comparison to Candace Owens: ‘I Respect the Hell Out of Her’

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ESPN has a perceived narrative of being a leftist network, but they also have a highly successful SportsCenter anchor who is considered by many to be the sports version of Candace Owens.

Before the podcast was even released, SportsCenter anchor Sage Steele made headlines during her interview with former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, calling ESPN’s vaccine mandate “sick” and “scary.” Once the episode was released, Steele continued to offer opinions that wouldn’t align with most of her sports media colleagues.

“You’re the Candace Owens of ESPN,” Cutler told Steele while discussing the network’s frequency to stray from sports.

Steele responded with a big smile and asked the former NFL quarterback, “where’d you read that?”

“I forget where
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