CBS’ Brennan Confronts WV Gov on Opposing School Vax Mandates: ‘Why Don’t You Want to Protect Those Children?’

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice got testy on Sunday when confronted about his opposition to mandating vaccines for kids in schools.

The Republican governor previously received plaudits for his handling of the covid-19 crisis. Justice has been exceptionally vocal telling people to get vaccinated. But he told CBS’ Margaret Brennan he will not mandate schoolchildren get the vaccines.

Brennan started the interview by asking about West Virginia at a serious stalling point after leading the pack early on.

“We’re a long ways from being in crisis in West Virginia,” Justice said.

“Your hospitals are getting overwhelmed; you have a high infection rate,” Brennan pointed out.

“We’re overwhelmed all across this country. I mean, for crying out loud, you know, West Virginia is managing
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