WATCH: Chris Cuomo Interviews Army Vet Who Captured ‘Big A** Angry Alligator’ in Trash Can: ‘The Steve Irwin Came Out In Me A Little Bit’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo clearly enjoyed one of his interviews on his show Thursday night, chatting with Eugene Bozzi, the man in the viral video from Florida who captured an alligator in a trash can.

Cuomo introduced the segment with the “amazing” video of the “epic showdown between a man and an alligator,” noting that Bozzi had never done anything like this before, knew nothing about alligators, and wasn’t even from Florida — he was originally from North Philadelphia.

The “even more beautiful part,” Cuomo said, was that Bozzi dragged the trash can across the street and down a hill to a pond to release the alligator safely.

“He goes across the street, down a pond with a big
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