A Story Of Courage Vs The Opposite. | Winners & Losers in Today’s Green Room

NBC’s Hallie Jackson spoke with a woman journalist from Afghanistan who told the story of her dramatic escape from the country after it was taken over by the Taliban.

Fatema Hosseini, writing for USA TODAY, published her story of what it was like to be in Kabul on the day the Taliban seized control. As a journalist who didn’t follow the Taliban’s oppressive societal norms, Hosseini described the alarm that overtook her family on the day of the takeover, the burning of everything in her apartment the Taliban would’ve deemed incriminating, and how she messaged her colleagues for help.

“The freedom I had, it was gone right at that moment,” Hosseini told Jackson of that terrible day.

Housseini’s recollections are interspersed with accounts from Kim
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