Scott Van Pelt Rips NBA’s Vocal Vaccine Skeptics: ‘Are You Researching Smallpox Vaccines? Polio? Flu Shots? Any of That?’

Just as NFL and MLB players have had to either answer or evade questions about getting vaccinated against Covid-19 in recent months, Monday was the NBA’s turn to address the polarizing topic.

After every player had their chance to speak, ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt censured those who remain vaccine hesitant during his Monday night edition of SportsCenter.

“Why would anyone presume that athletes in any sport would be unified in a way that the rest of us in our country are not?” Van Pelt asked. “That they would collectively see eye to eye on any one issue, when would that ever be the case for any of us? NBA players are going to be just like our family, our friends,
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