Dan Abrams Live Calls Out MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross, Fox’s Greg Gutfeld and CNN’s Jim Acosta in ‘Mediaite Moments’

Mediaite founder Dan Abrams launched a new cable news show on NewsNation Monday night, which ended with a segment that featured, what else? Mediaite Moments!

The segment is a recurring component of Dan Abrams Live where, as Abrams put it, the focus will be on “the day’s bias, buzz, and the bull in the world of cable news and beyond.”

“One of the main reasons so many distrust the media is that these cable news channels pretend to be objective, just ‘providing the facts,’” he explained. “But there’s a huge difference between genuine reporting and advocacy. And in this segment, we’ll do our best to call out the difference and help make the distinction.”

Abrams started by looking at MSNBC’s Tiffany
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