Chris Hayes Rips Gaetz for Promoting Replacement Theory: ‘The Kind of Racism That Has Become So Core’ to GOP Base

Replacement theory, a belief held by racists/white nationalists that foreigners are being brought into the country to “replace” the white majority, has gotten some disturbing mainstream traction.

Tucker Carlson, who has come under fire for talking it up in the past, straight-up said last week President Joe Biden has a “great replacement” policy. When the Anti-Defamation League blasted Carlson and called for his firing, Matt Gaetz defended him, promoted replacement theory, and called the ADL “racist.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes brought up Gaetz’s tweet on Monday night, remarking that the Florida Republican “appears to be trying to brush away his looming legal troubles by ostentatiously performing the kind of racism that has become so core to so much of
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