Star Wars: Visions’ ‘T0-B1’ nods to Astro Boy to rewire Star Wars’ outlook on droids

If all living things can feel the Force, why not a sentient being of wire and metal? Though lacking a bloodstream of Midi-chlorians, the white-and-blue-plated T0-B1 droid — pronounced “Tobi” — of Disney Plus’ Star Wars: Visions anime dreams himself as a flesh-and-blood Jedi. He would rather swing the lightsaber rather than help his human creator, secretly an exiled Jedi, greenify a wasteland planet.

Tobi also shares the kid-sized proportions (and whistle sound effects by Matsuo Ohno) of Astro Boy. Also known as the “Mighty Atom” in Japan, the 1950s cartoony android was the creation of Osamu Tezuka, regarded as the father of manga
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