Peter Doocy Pushes Back After Will Cain Insults ‘Incredibly Condescending and Defensive’ Jen Psaki

Despite what appears to be significant ideological differences, there has been begrudging mutual respect in evidence between Fox News White House reporter Peter Doocy and Press Secretary Jen Psaki. The nuances of their working relationship were in evidence Monday morning, as Doocy pushed back on an assessment made by Fox & Friends co-host Will Cain after he insulted Psaki’s reply to Doocy last week.

At issue? The ongoing crisis at the US Southern border and the sharp spike in undocumented migrants under President Joe Biden. His administration appears to have been caught flat-footed on the profoundly partisan issue, which has been a lead story for Fox & Friends for the vast majority of shows since Biden took office.

Peter Doocy
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