CNN Commentator Scott Jennings Slams Trump for Trying to ‘Sabotage Another Republican in Georgia’: He Needs to Advance the Party Instead of His ‘Personal Emotional Problems’

CNN commentator Scott Jennings slammed former President Donald Trump for his comments at a rally in Georgia Saturday, accusing him of attempting to “sabotage another Republican in Georgia” because he still held a grudge over losing the 2020 election in that state.

Jennings, a former special assistant to President George W. Bush, made his remarks in response to Trump’s verbal attacks on Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA), a fellow Republican but one who had refused to support Trump’s baseless election fraud claims and attempts to overturn the election results in Georgia.

At the rally, Trump mentioned Kemp’s 2018 Democratic opponent, Stacey Abrams, and said “having her, I think, might be better than having your existing governor, if you
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