‘Oh, F*ck Them’: Tucker Carlson Responds to the ADL Calling for Him to Be Fired Over Replacement Theory Rhetoric

This week the Anti-Defamation League once again called on Fox News to fire Tucker Carlson, accusing hm of “openly embracing white nationalist talking points.”

On Wednesday, the host claimed the Biden administration is seeking to “change the racial mix of the country” as part of “the great replacement” of White people. This replacement theory rhetoric has been used in certain White nationalist circles to allege a plot by elites to dilute the political power of Whites.

Speaking with Megyn Kelly on Friday, Carlson responded to the ADL’s demand that he be fired.

“Sure enough, on cue, the ADL comes out and comes after you,” said Kelly.

“The ADL?” said Carlson. “Oh, fuck them.”

“The ADL was such a noble organization that
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