CNN Commentator Mocks Arizona ‘Cyber Nimrods’ Over Audit Results: ‘Could Not Produce the Kraken’

CNN commentator and Republican strategist Alice Stewart elicited laughs from the rest of Friday’s The Lead panel for mocking the “cyber nimrods” behind the Arizona audit.

The much-derided Maricopa County audit has reached a conclusion, and per multiple reports over the past day, President Joe Biden’s win has been affirmed yet again.

Jake Tapper brought up former President Donald Trump’s statement touting the audit before the initial reports dropped.

“The problem with Arizona,” Stewart said, “these are the president’s own cyber nimrods who could not produce the Kraken…”

As the panel laughed, Tapper remarked, “I think you misspoke. They call themselves cyber ninjas.”

Stewart continued on to say, “We knew we had free and fair elections across the country. We knew we
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