‘Let Me Finish, Yamiche’: Psaki Battles PBS’ Alcindor on ‘Slavery’-Like Images, ‘Inhumane’ Treatment of Haitians

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor had a tense back-and-forth over the Biden administration’s treatment of Haitian asylum-seekers amid the current situation at the U.S. Southern border.

The flare-up from the Thursday White House press briefing began when Alcindor asked Psaki why President Joe Biden isn’t personally speaking out against the alleged mistreatment of Haitians around the border. Psaki answered that Biden has had many pressing matters to address, but she prefaced that retort by saying, “I’ve represented to you all his point of view. His point of view is also reflected in the actions that have been taken through the administration.”

Alcindor acknowledged Psaki as a spokeswoman for the president, but she invoked the “traumatizing”
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