Greg Gutfeld Gets Apology From Geraldo Rivera After Shouting Match: ‘Jesus Christ!’

Wednesday’s edition of The Five went off the rails during a segment on the crisis at the southern border.

The trainwreck began when Geraldo Rivera misinterpreted a comment by Greg Gutfeld about how the media and Democrats are neglecting rising crime rates in U.S. cities. Gutfeld accused them of “ignoring rampant violent crime that started last summer.” He added, “All of our cities our degraded, dangerous,” but was interrupted by Rivera.

“Oh wait,” interjected Rivera.

“Stop, Geraldo,” said Gutfeld. “Let me finish. I let you talk for god knows how long.”

Gutfeld finished his point, but later in the segment Rivera revisited his remarks, and implied Gutfeld was suggesting the migrants would commit crimes if allowed in the country.

“I have to rebut
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