Tucker Carlson Laments Ivermectin Shortage With Doc Who Claims It Treats Covid: ‘But You Can Buy Xanax By the Pound’

Tucker Carlson hopped back on the ivermectin train on Monday night, stopping in Quackville to speak with a psychiatrist who claimed the anti-parasite drug is also an effective treatment for Covid-19. (It is not.)

The drug, which can be used to treat certain parasites in humans and some animals, has inexplicably gained popularity in some right wing media circles. As a result, numerous states have reported a surge in ivermectin-related calls to poison control. In addition, feed stores have reported customers buying livestock dewormer to use on themselves.

“Every night this week,” the Fox News host declared, “we are going to do a segment on treatments for Covid. So if you get Covid, what are your options?”

As has
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