Politico Sets Media Twitter Ablaze Over Jennifer Rubin’s ‘OFF THE RECORD’ [Or Not] Email

Politico is causing quite the stir after publishing Washington Post columnist, Jennifer Rubin’s email that was marked “OFF THE RECORD,” which was ignored because there was no mutual agreement in advance of the email.

The story was published to Politico’s West Wing Playbook, claiming that Rubin “has distinguished herself as the Biden administration’s favorite columnist” over the last eight months.

The piece concludes with the email from Rubin, bashing “utterly predictable” Politico for their “hysterical, clickbait style of coverage.”

Above the email a note was added saying, “Rubin responded in an email with the subject line ‘OFF THE RECORD.’ Since we never agreed to conduct such an off-the-record conversation, we are publishing it below in full.”

This move by Politico is technically
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