Conan O’Brien Reveals NBC Tried to Ban Norm Macdonald from His Show After SNL Fired Him

Conan O’Brien has revealed that NBC attempted to ban Norm Macdonald from his show after the late comedian was fired from Saturday Night Live. 

O’Brien made the revelation during an emergency episode of his podcast Thursday night, saying that Don Ohlmeyer, a longtime NBC executive who passed away in 2017, had tried to bar Macdonald from network’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

O’Brien was joined by Andy Richter, and longtime show producer Frank Smiley, on Thursday to pay tribute to the late comedian — a legendary late-night guest who appeared on O’Brien’s various shows close to 30 times.

One of Macdonald’s most beloved bits, often referred to as the “moth joke,” was told while on O’Brien’s show, but according
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