Terry McAuliffe Ruffled by Sheriff’s Question About Supporting the Police: ‘I Don’t Care What You Believe!’

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

A county sheriff provoked Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Wednesday to engage in a heated exchange over his record on police funding, with McAuliffe pointedly asking him at one point if he was “out of his mind.”

The exchange took place at the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association meeting at Hotel Roanoke when Montgomery County Sheriff Hank Partin stood to ask McAuliffe a question about accepting an endorsement from the nonprofit New Virginia Majority, which Partin called a “large defund the police organization.” Partin has endorsed McAuliffe’s Republican challenger, Glenn Youngkin.

“First of all, sheriff, I am proud to accept any endorsements,” McAuliffe replied, before becoming more heated. “Groups that endorse me, I don’t know anything they do. Have I
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