Stephen Colbert Roasts Tucker Carlson for Praising Nicki Minaj’s Swollen Testicle Tweet, Brutally Mocks Size of Fox Host’s ‘Own Balls’

Stephen Colbert brutally mocked Fox News host Tucker Carlson for his reporting on Nicki Minaj’s swollen testicle tweets. 

Colbert, hitting on this week’s “biggest story” for a second night in a row, introduced his show’s latest segment: “Ball Gags.”

The late-night host gave a quick rundown of the Minaj controversy, explaining that the rapper posted a series of tweets regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, one of which claimed that the jab made her cousin’s friend impotent because his testicles became so swollen.

Colbert even created a parody music video inspired by the whole saga, titled “Super Balls,” which prompted Minaj to tweet a response to video.

While Minaj did take some issue with the video, she admitted that she “rlly likes” Colbert, also adding the hashtag
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