WATCH: Former Victoria’s Secret Model Blows the Whistle in Shocking Expose Alleging Sexual Harassment, Misogyny, Body Abuse at the Company

The Australian edition of 60 Minutes aired a bombshell segment over the weekend about Victoria’s Secret where two former employees, including a model, accused the company of sexual harassment, misogyny and body abuse.

“I got a very interior glimpse at the machine that was running at that time and it was really sick,” model Bridget Malcolm told reporter Tom Steinfort in the feature, which aired on Sunday. “It was really unhealthy.”

Malcolm walked the runway in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2015 and 2016.

“Was there a lightbulb moment where you thought this can’t go on,” asked Steinfort.

“It was at the start of 2017 and it took me 10 minutes to climb a flight of stairs,” said Malcolm. “And
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