Newsmax Host Complains About Attention on ‘Stupid’ AOC: ‘She’s Young, She’s Pretty, She’s Hispanic, That’s All That Matters Anymore’

Newsmax host Greg Kelly addressed last night’s Met Gala and took attendee Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to task, as well as the media’s coverage of her. AOC wore a dress that read “Tax the Rich” in large red lettering on the back. An individual ticket to the event costs $30,000.

“Of course she was there,” said Kelly on Tuesday. “With a silly dress that says, ‘Tax the Rich.’ I know everybody’s already made the point that this thing could not have happened without rich people.”

Kelly said if AOC “really was about ideas, and not just virtue-signaling, and social media sensationalism, she could have welcomed Amazon to her district.”

In 2018 Amazon solicited presentations from cities across the country in an
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